Mother Abandonment by Child of Incest

by Jackie
(Regina Sask. Canada)

What if your mother had no knowledge of incest between her husband and her daughter. If the daughter does not come to her mother and explain what her daddy was doing to her, how can the mother be to blame. If it's kept a secret between the father and the daughter, and the mother never knows or suspects anything, why would the mother be hated by you the daughter. I feel that this is not really fair to the mother, to be hated by her daughter, when the mother has no idea that anything is going on. Shouldn't the daughter hate her father instead, as he was the one that committed the act, without the mother even knowing. Please explain this.

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Jan 13, 2012
hating mother
by: Anonymous

Even if the mother never had a clue, we daughters feel that they should have known. Even if we know in our minds that they did not know, we FEEL they should have known. In my case my mother walked in one night when my father was in my bed and said" what are you doing?" my father replied "talking to my girl". I feel that she should have turned on the light and saw for herself. Why didn't she? It only happened a few times and then i wrote her a letter and told her because I could not take the sexual and physical abuse any longer (he was also beating me). She did not believe me(just like he said she wouldn't) until she took me and my father to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist said she would not report it, even though she should because he did not rape me. Then my mother asked me if I wanted her to make him leave the house. I said no because I wanted to leave and I did not think he would hurt my sisters. I was a teenager and they were little girls. The psychiatrist told my mother not to leave him because he was sick and that she wouldn't leave him if he had cancer or something. I feel like my parents changed who I would have been. I still love them and don't want anything to happen to them but sometimes I still hate them and think my mother is/was weak and that my father is crazy half of the time. At Christmas dinner this year he looked at me and said in front of everyone "you broke my heart". wth? I want to stay away from them but I love them and I can't. I still feel like killing myself sometimes when I think about what happened. Why do I do that? I'm over 40 and it seems I should have resolved this one way or another. Nobody else in my family knows. I am the oldest of five kids. If my other siblings knew some of them would never see my parents again. Or let them see their grandchildren again. I need help. desperately.

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