Moral Development: A Book that Helps Your Child Make Tough Choices

Moral development: An Excellent Book that Teaches Children How to Make Tough Choices

More If You Had to Choose
What Would You Do?
Book by Sandra McLeod Humphrey
Book Review by Laura Ramirez

This is the third in a series of books by Sandra Mc Leod Humphrey that facilitates children's moral development. Humphrey's stories ask some tough, but crucial questions that are key to forming character and determining how we treat others. A few of the questions are: what is the definition of a true friend, what determines a person’s worth and how important is physical appearance?

These questions and many more are asked within the context of stories that engage the reader because they’re written from the viewpoint of a child (preteen or teen). Like the reader, the characters in the story are struggling to determine the best course of action in a variety of situations. The author presents the scenario, then asks the reader to decide—is it better to face a problem now or later, should we keep prior commitments or grasp at opportunity, when is "telling" necessary? It is by asking such questions and digging deep to find the answers that a child claims her values and participates in her growth.

Sandra McLeod Humphrey teaches kids to "exercise their moral muscle" with stories that present hard choices and facilitate moral development.

The moral development of a child must guided by adults. Children who have strong values have been taught to think before they act, reflect upon their experiences and the consequences that their choices create for themselves and others. In the life of a child, school and relationships are not just a dress rehearsal for adult life because choices are real and can have lasting impact. This is why Ms. Humphrey’s books are so important. As parents, we must give our children the tools to build strong ethics early, so they can feel good about themselves.

moral development

"More If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?" is a book that can be used at home and in schools to help children think about these choices before they are faced with the reality. By reading these scenarios with our kids or asking them to read them on their own, we encourage their moral development, prepare them for the tough choices they will face in life and encourage their growth into ethical human beings.

Highly Recommended.
Softcover 131 pages

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