Molding the Young Mind

by thomas w. atkielski
(henderson, Nevada)

A dangerous element generally persists in those children whose parents make a game out of life. Making the child "feel" that life is fun, and playfully interacting with those children can become a habit where serious issues, challenges and tasks can become highly resistant.

It is usually too radical an emotional bridge to gap when expecting a child to bring him/herself from the enjoyable emotional level, to one where he must focus and work-out problems. It is often too much to ask of a child who simply follows directions and assumes the emotions fostered by the parent.

Parents must think beyond the fun and excitement provided them by the beauty and innocence of a child. Early on, parents should engender the work ethic by bringing the children's attention to interesting topics, not necessarily those that attract them! Nature, the Universe, science and other related topics generally attract the kid's mind's strongly, where politics, cartoons and other topics may do just the opposite! The idea is to motivate the child into intelligent mental practices, where they have to think sensibly and with reason.

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