Math Lessons: Whether Your Child Loves or Hates Math, This Simple System Will Give Him the Math Help He Needs

When it comes to math lessons, generally you can divide children into two camps: those who love it and those who hate it. Children who dislike math usually have difficulty with the basics. One reason is that the teaching methods currently used in school work against the mind, making math homework harder than it really is.

The program I recommend teaches children how to easily perform complex calculations in their heads. Based on the ancient system of Vedic math, this math help program mirrors the way our minds work and teaches kids how to perform calculations the way they read and write: from left to right.

In addition to being able to quickly add, multiply or divide long numbers in their heads, these math lessons show children how their abilities are applicable to daily life. For instance, children will learn how to quickly do a "check sum" (good for making sure the restaurant bill is correct or quickly double-checking change) using a technique called the Nine Point Circle.

The book is full of neat tricks that will impress teachers and friends. Imagine the stir your child will create when he's able to call out the answer to the square of 75 before anyone else can figure it out on paper or multiply numbers like 103 x 106 in his head. This method of mental math is fun and exercises the brain in a whole new way.

The book is sprinkled with quotes from people like Einstein that underscore the beauty of math and will inspire even the struggling mathematician. It also features interesting stories about normal people who performed incredible mental calculations.

" . . . Nature is the realization of the simplest conceivable mathematic ideas."

~ Albert Einstein

This book on math lessons is a fun and intriguing read. Whether your child struggles or has an affinity for math, he will find value in this 56 page electronic book. The book makes a great tool for teachers to encourage their students' mental agility and show them a different approach to math. (If you homeschool your children, I highly recommend this book--it's a much more natural approach than the traditional right-to-left method.)

Although some teachers may not let children use this method on tests and homework (because in many cases, the answer is instantly knowable and does not require intermediate steps), these math lessons provide an alternate way of checking answers and a natural method for performing mental calculations that will lay down new neural pathways in the brain.

Brilliant mental math lessons that will amaze everyone!

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