Why Math Help is Important to Your Child's Success as an Adult

If your child needs math help and has resigned himself to doing poorly in this subject, then you need a tool that will help him change his mind. Although higher middle school math or high school math skills may not be relevant to daily life, success in these subjects is. This is because success in anything difficult lays the foundation for success across the board.

Think about it for a moment. Most middle school and high school kids need math help because they find this subject difficult. For a child who is struggling, math lessons from a math tutor (either a real person or a computer program) are crucial because the child's poor performance will eventually become part of his self-perceptions. This happened to my eight year old, who decided after a low "B" on a science test that he was terrible at science. To counter his belief, I told him that test-taking is only a measure of how much he knew that day, how he felt and how well he was able to concentrate. I pointed out that there are many branches of science and that he shouldn't limit himself on the basis of one test. Despite my best efforts, it took over a year for my son to decide that he has what it takes to excel in science.

A student who needs math help should receive immediate assistance. Let's take a close look at why by examining the average student. After taking a test and failing miserably, the average student will tell himself, "I'm terrible at math." Since middle school math and high school math homework presents such a hurdle for these kids, eventually this failure will be generalized to other areas of life. In this way, the belief, "I'm terrible at math" has the potential to become: "I don't have what it takes to tackle anything hard." As a parent who wants her child to succeed in life, you need to do everything in your power to prevent this generalization from occuring.

One way to get your child math help is to hire a tutor, but most tutors recommended by the school system cost $30-$40 per hour. The other option is to get assistance through a step-by-step program that you pay for once. With all the expenses of life, for most people this is a more affordable option.

Let's face it--most of us think that math is difficult. But with math help succeeding in the face of such a challenge teaches children how to struggle. Once a student gets math lessons that teach him he can succeed, he can apply these skills to other challenges. In this way, his experience becomes the basis for more success.

If you're a parent who has a middle school or high school child who needs math help (or science help), first you need to open their minds to the possibility of success. Math Help and Math Lessons is a program that opens your child's mind by teaching him or her the right skills that will create immediate improvements on test scores. As your child learns that he can succeed in a subject that he once thought was impossible, it will turn his world around.

In addition to creating self-confidence, success in math teaches self-discipline, problem solving skills and analytical thinking. Although specific formulas may not be applicable to everyday life, the skills that students gain by thinking about a problem and discovering how to solve it are invaluable to personal success. By learning the "secrets" of how to study, your child will improve in all subjects and increase overall confidence in himself.

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If you're serious about helping your son or daughter succeed in grades 7-12 math or science classes, I highly recommend Awesome Grades in Math and Science by Anita Delmar, B.Sc., B.Ed.

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