manic depressive..DONT KNOW FOR SURE

my daughter is now 22..i first noticed something wasnt quite right when she was a baby....i also have a 30 yr old daughter and 17 yr old son who are great....these yrs have been hard on all..when my daughter was being delivered she was stuck under my pelvic bone for an hr..she came out grey..she has always had behavior problems..turned to drugs and alcohol at age 13..she has been arrested..for minor things..its like she has no conscience..doesnt think of the outcome..she has a daughter that is very smart like her mother daughter said her first word at 5 months..bye was playing peek a boo..the schools told me that my daughter and my son are highly intelligent....i have reached out for help many times through the one has done a thing to help..i love my children and want the best for daughter has struggled through the yr..its very sad....what do you think..thank you

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