Male Predator

by MAH

A 39 yr old married man has been overly nice (gave my daughter a computer) and involved in her life (calling, emailing and IMing her). He's NOT my boyfriend. When I questioned his motives, he was very defensive. I suggested boundaries, like not discussing certain topics w/my daughter, only communicating once/week and in my presence. He cut back & won my confidence.

Then recently I saw them "cuddling". My daughter doesn't think anything is wrong w/this picture. I flat out told him to stay away from her, no communication at all, but she's 19 and she tells me I can't stop her.

What can I do? I believe this man intent is to harm my daughter, emotional and maybe physically (sexually), she is a virgin and he knows that because they've talked about subjects that I consider inappropriate w/anyone other than your parents or boyfriend.

I have her in counseling, hoping that will help - she's only been in for 1 wk now. I'm very concerned, she and I have always been extremely close, but she's not listening to a word I say now. She thinks I'm over-reacting.

How do I get her to see what I see? I'm so afraid of losing my daughter in this process.

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Oct 28, 2015
strange situation NEW

I agree that this communication seems very strange. has she got a lot of friends? How much attention from boys she gets? Maybe she just fell in love with this man and she can't soberly assess the situation. Try to ask her vision of this relationship and explain your view.

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