Lyme Disease Symptom - How Do You Know If You Have Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease Symptom Check List

For many people the first Lyme disease symptom is a creeping rash. Although not everyone gets the rash, it is believed to occur in about 85% of cases.

Typically, the rash will radiate out from the site of the tick bite, but sometimes, it appears on other areas of the body. It can look like a bull’s-eye, or appear solid red, or blotchy. The rash may be up to six inches in diameter and usually doesn’t hurt and isn’t itchy.

In addition, the infected person may experience chills, fever, fatigue and joint pain. Although these symptoms are uncomfortable, the person may mistake them for the flu. Later, fatigue may worsen. Tingling or numbness may be experienced in the arms and legs with possible facial paralysis and a stiff or aching neck.

Other Lyme disease symptoms may include swelling of the joints, arthritis, cardiac problems, mental disorders and severe headaches.

To contact Dr. Jones, call (203) 772-1123. Dr. Jones is willing to speak with your pediatrician and advise him or her as to how to diagnose and treat Lyme disease. You can also contact the Lyme Disease Foundation at 860-525-2000.

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