Living arrangements for step-children

I am recently married, my husband has two children from a previous marriage, and I have two as well. We also have another child on the way. I have always had custody of my children, as their father hasn't really been in the picture. My husband has always had shared custody of his children. 50/50. This hasn't been a problem until as of recently.

His ex wife has now moved about 40 mins away and getting the children to and back from school has been a problem. His ex wife would like to send them to school where she lives next year, which the kids seem happy about. My husband feels they should stay with us. My problem is however, my husband works a lot. He often works weekends and is often home sometimes just before the kids go to bed. My feeling is that the kids should go to school where their mom lives but I know my husband is upset with me for feeling this way.

We do have a better school system where we live but should the children be mainly raised by their step-mother? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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