Lithium Orotate

I have an 8yo son with major ADHD. Things I have learned that help are:

1. Absolute rule #1: Try different things. Not any one thing or everything will help with every kid. Try something. If it works, yeay! If not, move on to the next one. Keep going and keep trying until you find what works for YOUR kid. All kids are different. Don't give up.

2. Keep a routine. Try to have things happen around the same time every day. Makes things easy for them to remember and handle. When things get disrupted and something new shows up, it mixes them up and takes a while to handle. Understand this when the car breaks down or you have to change your schedule. Your kid is going to have a hard time with the change. Be patient.

3. Keep things quiet. The more noise there is, the more they get amped up. More is more. Less is less. Keep the T.V. Volume down and closed captioning on. They will be calm when it's quiet, but will focus on the T.V. If you can, keep the T.V. off most of the time. When on it definitely distracts them and makes them stop for a bit, but when you turn it off they can get really hyper. Tough to balance.

4. Diet. Important! Remember: Good food=good behavior, bad food=bad behavior. No candy. No soda. Stay away from junk food. MSG and Aspartame are the worst. Read ingredient labels. Makes a BIG difference. Get a good juicer if you have the $$. A GOOD one. Not the blade type. Research them. Fresh juice is full of nutritional awesomeness. For the kid and you.

5. Not sure how many ADHD kids have this, but mine sleep walks with slight night terrors. He'll wake up and be all freaked out about something he can't describe. I found (for him at least, yours may be diff) that if I gently lead him back to bed and sit with him for a few mins, he'll go back to sleep and not remember a thing. Take them potty before they go back to bed if they bed-wet too.

6. School. Argh. They are out of your supervision and who knows what is going on there. I've talked to his teacher and she emails me once a week telling me how he did. That way I know what is going on there, good and bad. Diet helps in this area a a lot. Pack the lunch. Protein, greens and carbs. No junk or sugar. School lunch is easy but not good.

7. Meds. I don't like meds. Works on the symptoms, not the cause. But sometimes you got to try things that help. Herbal is the best. Humans have been consuming herbs for thousands of years. Good vitamins and minerals can help.
Today I am starting a light dose of Lithium Orotate. It is a mineral (Lithium) bonded to a vitamin (orotate, or B13) DO NOT USE LITHIUM ASPARTATE!! Aspartate is a neurotoxin. Think MSG.
I'll try to post again in a week and let you all know how it goes.

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