Is it Safe to Use Lithium Orotate for ADHD in Children?

You may have read about Lithium Orotate for ADHD and are wondering if this mineral salt is a safe and effective natural medicine for your child. In this article, you'll learn more about this supplement and how to use it, so you can make the most informed health decisions for your child.

Lithium in its varied forms has been used to successfully treat thyroid disease (it distributes iodine through the body), dementia, Alzheimer's, alcholism and bipolar disorder. It has been long known to reduce aggression, hyperactivity and increase memory and focus. Lithium Orotate is not to be confused with Lithium Citrate, which is something completely different.

Dr. Nieper, a pioneering researcher in this field, wrote about his successes using Lithium for ADHD and other disorders many years ago. According to his studies, the Orotate form of Lithium decreases mood swings and anger, while it increases focus and memory and helps children see tasks through to their completion. Studies on the brain have also shown that Lithium renews brain cells, actually increasing the number of brain cells by about three percent in a four week period. (This means it has an anti-aging effect on the brain and is also beneficial for adults.) Lithium Orotate for ADHD Lithium Orotate for ADHD is an inexpensive and effective natural supplement. (Click on the link for the best, least expensive, most reliable source on the web.)

As mentioned above, this natural mineral salt is also helpful for adults. It can be used to alleviate mild depression and anxiety or take the edge off chronic irritation and overwhelm. Adults who take 2 capsules twice per day also claim it helps them sleep more deeply at night, but does not adversely affect their level of awareness during the day. Best of all, it improves your ability to handle stress and focus without any side effects. This is especially helpful for parents of children who have disorders or developmental delays because life for you is more stressful than for other parents.

Although you may have heard some negative things about Lithium for ADHD, you are confusing it with synthetic forms of the mineral: namely Lithium Carbonate and Citrate. The Orotate form is non toxic and does not have the side effects of prescription Lithium. There is also no need for monitoring the blood while taking it as long as it is taken in small doses and only as recommended.

In addition to giving your child this natural mineral salt, make sure to give a natural remedy formulated specifically to treat the symptoms of ADHD. These supplements have proven effective in clinical trials and have been FDA approved to reduce hyperactivity, outbursts, mood swings, restlessness and increase focus and ability to stay on task. A supplement that contains herbs like Hyocyamus, Tuberculinum and Arson Iod is an effective complement to Lithium Orotate for ADHD and can help your child do better in all areas of life with results that are nothing short of amazing. Best of all, this natural remedy actually restores proper brain function without side effects.

Although the natural ADHD remedy mentioned above has been proven safe and effective and has no side effects, before giving your child Lithium for ADHD, make sure to check with your doctor about the proper dose to give your child, especially if your child is taking other medications. The mineral is not to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.

Author's Note: I am currently using it with great results. Apparently, the stress of daily life must have made me deficient in certain minerals.

About the Author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the parenting book Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which teaches parents how to raise children to develop their natural strengths, so they can lead fulfilling lives and make a real contribution to the world. Her book won a Nautilus Award for books that promote conscious living and social change. Ms. Ramirez is the publisher of Family Matters Parenting Magazine and a keynote speaker.

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