Kids Fight Constantly

by Maribelle
(Wichita Falls, TX)

My kids fight constantly. I am at my wit's end. Does anyone have a REAL solution that will help? Laura, I really would appreciate it if you could take the time to personally answer my question. I know you're busy and all, but parents like me NEED an answer. I just can't take it anymore!


Hi Maribelle,

Here's THE answer. It's called Total Transformation ... it's a program that you may have seen on t.v. and I can tell you that it works. You can read my review of the Total Transformation Program or just click over and get your free trial now ... all you need to pay are the shipping costs. I know you wanted a quick answer, so I decided to give you the link directly, rather than pointing you to another article.

This will help you stop the fighting in your house and give you the peace and quiet you deserve. Once this happens, you will be happier and believe or not, so will your kids.

Please write to me as many other parents have done and let me know how you like the program.

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Sep 07, 2011
kids fight nonstop
by: Anonymous

my 2 youngest children have been fighting nonstop it seems like the youngest one was 3 ys old. now they are 13 and 11 and it just seems as tho they hate each other, they fight over the stupidest things, like over a blanket and over the computers and laptops, etc---ive tried everything i could to stop it all---its so bad ive become depressed and sad and even tho i hate to say it, suicidal. i have 2 older children, 18 and 15 but they dont really fight with anyone. the 13 yr old is a girl and the 11 yr old is a 18 and 15 yr olds are also girls. anyway, their father stays gone on purpose so he doesnt have to deal with it. they refuse to go outside, they wont do house work, they even find things to fight about. i have no help from anyone and today was a really bad day, school was closed because of a sink hole, and because im busy too, i was tired and cranky, and all they did was fight from the time they woke up till now---ive given up really. they will probably never get along, even as adults, my daughter has hated her brother since the day he was born and he hates her back. they dont hate their other siblings tho. they have never been close. they are close with their older sisters tho. sometimes by 13 yr old will try to put the 15 yr old against her brother. im so sad that my two youngest children will never have the kind of brother sister relationship like alot of people i know. i thought as they got older, they wouldnt fight as much but its gotten worse. its really bad. i want to cry. please help me. please.

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