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Starting a kid business is an excellent idea. If you have trouble convincing your parents, then show them this article. In addition to giving you a sense that you can take care of yourself, the skills required to start and run a business will reveal your character, integrity and sense of purpose. To run a business successfully, you must put to use the basic academic skills you have learned in school—reading, writing and arithmetic. As your business grows, you will be sharpening your skills.

Before reading the rest of the article, watch this video about a 13-year old who has built a successful business on the web using the system that I've used to build this web site and three other web sites, then click on the link below the video to learn more about the system.

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The profit earned from a kid business can be used to buy small items, save for a car, contribute to your college education fund (and if you earn passive income, support you while in college) and tithe to those in need. I recommend that you divide up your earnings and practice doing all four: buy yourself something you want, save for something in the future (like a car), contribute to your college education and give to a worthy cause that helps those who are less fortunate. By doing so, you will be rewarded for your efforts, save for something you really want, but can't afford right now, contribute to your intellectual development and make a contribution to society.

Business Idea for Kid:

There are many ideas for starting a kid business. You can act as a helper to elderly people in your neighborhood, babysit for younger kids, mow lawns and do yard cleanup in the spring, summer and fall and shovel driveways in the winter. Although these ideas may not be particularly exciting, they provide a continuing means for you to earn a bit of money.

My favorite suggestion for a kid business is to use your passion to create a business on the web that you will enjoy building. This is the Information Age and there is no greater opportunity for a kid starting a business. The advantages are many: you can learn to build a web site in the privacy of your home with the guidance of your parents. Parents who know nothing about building a web business can be learning too. After watching you, your parents will probably want to build a business of their own. The great thing about this is that rather than working for money, this teaches you how to make money work for you. Your parents will be comforted by the knowledge that you are learning to be a business owner, rather than an employee. Also, the articles you put on your site need to be written and posted once, but can continue to earn income for years. This is called "passive income" because you only need to do it once, but it will keep earning money every day.

The kid-business building tool I recommend is the same one that I've used to build my four web sites. More than just a web hosting service, this tool teaches you how to build a business—not just a web site. It teaches you how to research and come up with an idea that is exciting and interesting to you and will attract web visitors who are looking for the information you have to offer. Maybe you're into skateboarding, showing dogs, calculus or teen modeling. Maybe you want to write video game reviews or think up science fair projects. Perhaps you could write articles that counsel teens on the struggles of growing up and dealing with tough issues. Maybe you've been playing Little League baseball for six years and can write articles teaching kids and parents about the sport. The possiblities are as endless as the world wide web.

This package comes with a manual that will teach you how to write articles that will make your web site place high in the search engines. The higher your pages place, the more traffic to your site. The manual also teaches you how to turn your articles into profit. Rather than just building a web site, you'll get an education in building a business that you will use for success in adult life.

Are your parents unconvinced? Have them watch my video about how working from home has improved my family's quality of life.

If you want to start a kid-business and you spend hours playing video games or watching t.v., then this is a way to make your time productive and make your parents feel more comfortable about what you're doing on the web. Hint, hint: Tell them you'll save a portion of your income for college.

If you think that a web business idea for kid might prove too challenging, think again (unless you want to spend your time babysitting or mowing lawns). The fourteen year old daughter of the man who heads the company that sells this web business building package has built a web site that earns her thousands of dollars per month. She created the web site herself over time, writing one new article per week. She did the research, wrote the articles and made the web site simply by typing text into her browser. Each month, her web site attracts tens of thousands of visitors because she learned how to build it right. In fact, she receives more web traffic than the national web site for this vacation spot.

Start your kid business today: get the package that gives you everything you'll need to be successful on the web and teaches you how to build a solid business that will bring you income for years to come and could even be the start of an empire.

Laura Ramirez is the owner of four web sites and the author of Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting, the award-winning book that shows parents how to raise children to develop their natural strengths and lead uniquely purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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