Kid Activities: How to Plan a Child Birthday Party and Create Fun Parent Child Activities.

Kid activities are an important way to engage your child's fascinations and encourage what he likes to do. This creates a deep parent-child bond and helps your child bridge the gap between imagination and his lived world. Play sets the stage for creativity. In fact, "child's play" is the basis for adult creativity. Examples of this are all around us. When a great artist receives accolades for his work, he often credits his parents willingness to support his favorite child activities as the birth of his career. For example, Steven Spielberg talked about how his mother let him blast pureed cherries from a blender all over the kitchen to create a bloody scene for a film he made as an adolescent. The director of The Lord of the Rings talks about how he got his start when his parents bought him an 8mm camera as a child. Below you will find kid activities ranging from child birthday party ideas to kid games that will help you select child activities that engage your child and foster his imagination.

New to this section is an article on how to start a kid business. If your child is a budding entrepreneur or you want to give him a burgeoning sense of confidence, help him start a kid business on the web. As he learns, you will be learning as well. See our article below.

One of my favorite kid activities is throwing a child birthday party. My top recommendation for downloadable preplanned party kits for kids of various ages are those from Birthday Party Games Lady. I have thrown her parties for my kids and I recommend them because in addition to giving you everything you need to throw the party (printable invitations, graphics, shopping list and decription of the activities), they provide an excellent bonding experience for kids. Of course, you don't have to wait until it's your child's birthday to throw a party. Throw a theme party for any reason: to celebrate the end of school and start of summer, to reward your child for an achievement or simply to facilitate the gathering of friends in a shared experience.

Since no site can possibly address the myriad of kid activities and fascinations out there, I offer links to related sites. Please be patient while I build this section of my web site. If you have suggestions for child birthday party ideas, video game reviews or kid board games, please use the "Contact" Us link to the left. We appreciate your input.

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