Keepers of the Children:
Native American Wisdom and Parenting

by Laura M. Ramirez

The Parenting Book that Will Deepen
and Sweeten Your Relationship with Your Child.

As a parent, what is your greatest hope?
Think about it for a moment ...

If you imagined the best possible outcome for you and your child, what would you foresee? If you could raise your child to lead a life of joy and meaning and cherish you for this gift, would you feel fulfilled?

In Keepers of the Children, Laura Ramirez uses little known Native American wisdom and teaching stories to show parents how to raise children to know their nature, develop their strengths and create lives of meaning and contribution. By giving your child the tools to create genuine happiness, you give the greatest gift of all. Watch the video below to learn more:

How can native ideas enlighten you and help you create a more meaningful relationship with your children—watch the video to discover how:

Keepers of the Children is unlike any parenting book you have ever read before. Here's what early readers of the book have to say:

"Laura Ramirez has written a unique and unconventional guide to raising our children. She is a natural teacher who proclaims that being a parent is a sacred gift and the noblest of enterprises. Contrary to conventional wisdom, she demonstrates that parenting is the decisive influence on children-–not genetics or peers or media. As a psychologist who treats people with personality disorders I know the effect that a traumatic, invalidating upbringing has on a person. "Keepers of the Children" is destined to contribute to our national dialogue on what it really takes to raise integrated, self-efficacious and joyful children."

Joe Santoro, Ph.D., Co-Chairman of SLS Health, psychologist and author of The Angry Heart: Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder and Kill the Craving: Overcoming the Desire to Use Drugs and Alcohol.

"Keepers of the Children is an example of a non-Indian application of Native American philosophy to raise children in a multi-cultural society. We all benefit through shared vision and worldview for balance and wellness."

Jim Warne, Ogalala Lakota (Sioux), Director of the Center for American Indian Rehabilitation, American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee and human resource development specialist for SDSU’s Interwork Institute.

"I found this book delightful to explore. There are endless passages which echo the principles of good discipline. Laura Ramirez’ poetic articulation of human development and selfless nurturing, however, deliver instruction in an eloquent and fascinating way."

Laura Marineau, Community Education Coordinator for The Children’s Cabinet.

"In Keepers of the Children, Ramirez combines her own sound convictions about parenting and child development with ancient wisdom of Native Americans. The result is a powerful little guide, that, I am sure, will help many parents and educators. I recommend it. "

Johann Christoff Arnold, author of Endangered: Your Child in a Hostile World.

In Keepers of the Children, you will learn:

  • How to encourage your children's uniqueness and set them upon the path of purpose from the start.
  • How to teach your child to act from integrity and strength.
  • The true meaning of discipline: How to teach your children to make life-affirming choices on their own.
  • How nature can show your children the basics of psychology so they will avoid the traps of peer pressure and those who intend to do them harm.
  • All about child development and your development as a parent.
  • How parenting is a path of personal growth for child and parent.
  • How to create a lifelong, mutually fulfilling relationship with your child.
(If you are a parent in a multiracial family, you will learn by inference how Laura Ramirez created a way of parenting that encouraged her children to embrace the fullness of their cultural heritage. Although her book uses Native American wisdom to help parents understand how a child's nature unfolds, it is a spiritual work and is written for people of all faiths and colors.)

Create a close, loving relationship with your child. Reserve your copy now!

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Keepers of the Children

Laura Ramirez is the mother of two boys and the wife of a Pascua Yaqui Native American man (who was recently inducted into the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame for his career in baseball.) She has been writing articles for "Family Matters Online Parenting Magazine" for the past seven years. Her articles feature insights on the tough issues today's parents face from raising biracial children to understanding child development to dealing with school violence. Except for a few excerpts, the material in her book is not duplicated on her web site. In order to get those insights, you must buy the book.

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