Incest Has Cost Me My Life

((metro) Atlanta, GA, USA)

I have been victimized my entire life by my father. I am 48 years old and my father still pursues me. I am dying inside and have hit a brick wall in my attempt at a "life".

It seems like an impossible situation because I love my father; he's my father. People don't understand but love is the strongest force there is, over all others.

He has twisted my mind and succeeded in winning my love, convincing me that if I try to put a permanent wall between us, I will be the bad person. It is extremely complicated.

I've tried years of therapy, religion, self help, drugs & alcohol. I am severely affected. I am a divorced mother of a beautiful 10-year daughter and watching her grow is painful in many ways as it takes me back to my most vulnerable years.

I need help and I can't find it. God know he I've tried but there just doesn't seem to be help out there for me. It's not just the past, it's also the "now" as long as my dad keeps a heartbeat, it's alive and it sucks. Incest has cost my life, literally. Where, oh where, can I find help?

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Feb 03, 2011
Therapist Who Specializes in Helping Incest Victims
by: Laura

My husband is a therapist who specializes in helping incest victims and has helped many women come to grips with the pain they suffered and disentangle themselves from the perpetrator.

If you use the Contact Us form on my website, I will put you in contact with my husband.

He does charge for his services (so this is not for freebie seekers) and is only willing to take clients who are committed to growth and becoming emotionally healthy. Although he does not live in your area, he can help you via telephone or Skype.

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