Incest and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Thanks for your article, it is good to see that the incest is taken seriously. The article does not however not cover any practical measures for coping with post traumatic stress and focuses on the devastation.

It is hard to find practical ideas that 'victims' can use themselves. In my case I am a normal healthy adult that was raped as a child. I would not like to cause offense or negativity about therapy when it is clearly right for many people, however it is not right for me. I would hope that there are more practical means available to help with PTSD. Also more positive information. It is rather bleak to be constantly read or be told that people will live a terrible life because something that was not their fault happened to them and that therapy is the answer. When it is not ideal for everyone. (Again no offense to those who it has given a shining light to and helped tremendously, that is wonderful.)

I mostly suffer from the shock of the event itself and from families reactions after trying to get them to tell the truth. I don't want to discuss this at length with anyone and get them to help me, when I feel that there is nothing wrong with me. However I would like to remove the physical feelings of shock. Maybe hypnotherapy or techniques like EFT can help.

I think that socially if things changed and 'victims' knew they were not likely to be judged or labeled it would go a long way towards individuals feeling free of what happened to them.

If there is more information about what to do for post traumatic stress and if things like a good hypnotherapist or EFT can help remove physical and emotional feelings of shock, it would be great to see it.

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Apr 10, 2014
therapy for incest and ptsd
by: Anonymous

One thing that I liked in this article, or maybe one of the stories was that its important for any kind of "therapy' to be based on a direction to take for recovery and getting past this and not going into some of the victim based treatment that many professionals use. I agree with you the stigmas put out are like punishments. I for one want to move on, leave the deadwood and anyone that has bought into the whole broken, crazy, never amount to anything dogma. We have alot going for us. We are survivors. We made it, often alone and afraid but we are strong. We are often underestimated. Good luck :)

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