I Hate Housecleaning But These Cleaning Products Make It Easier

I admit it: I hate housecleaning. I'd rather do almost anything else than clean my home. In fact, it's usually the last to-do item on my list and sometimes, I just don't get to it all. Still, it has to be done and so I figured the best way to bite the bullet and just do it was to follow my husband's advice in the garage: "The right tool makes things easier." As such, below is a list of my favorite cleaning products and tools.

As this list grows, you will be able to add your favorites too so we can share this list with other people who hate housework, but don't mind have a clean, relatively dust-free, somewhat organized house and are willing to invest just a little bit of time to achieve that goal.

Hate Housecleaning?

Even if you don't like to clean, the fastest way to make an impact on how a room looks is to vacuum. If there is food, dog hair or dustballs on the floor, vacuuming will give you a room an almost instant pick-me-up. For this reason, you simply must get yourself a good vacuum. I used to have an Electrolux, but this was a very expensive vacuum and after 15 years when mine broken down, I decided to try the Dyson. I love it. Although it may seem expensive compared to the $150 vacuums out there, it is worth the price. I've had mine for 7 years and when it broke down after 3 years of use, Dyson repaired it for free and paid the shipping cost both ways. This alone has earned them my seal of approval for life (Electrolux wanted $500 to repair my vacuum.) My favorite is the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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While I don't mind vacuuming because it's quick and easy, I'm not a big fan of cleaning floors. I am fortunate enough to have hardwood floors in my kitchen and dining room and tile in the halls, but with a big hairy dog (who is always shedding) and a hairy husband and teenagers (who leave crumb trails throughout the house in case they can't find their way back to the kitchen), again, I appreciate having the right tool for the job.

When I first heard of floor steamers, I worried about using them on my hardwood floors, but since the steam is intense and quickly picks up the stains, they are safe for any kind of flooring. The nice thing is that a good floor steamer doesn't take a lot of muscle, although if you have tile floors, you'll still have to get down on your hands and knees occasionally to clean out the grout lines because dirt can tend to settle in the cracks.

Anyway, even though I hate housecleaning and in particular, I'm not crazy about cleaning my big hardwood floor, my Shark Steam and Mop Vac makes things easy. In fact, with the onboard vacuum, it's a one-stop operation. And really, cleaning the hard floor is not that big of a deal because I get my big, strong crumb-dropping teenage boys to do it.

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Okay, here's a novel idea for those of you who hate housework because it doesn't really allow you to multitask. How about cleaning the floor while getting some exercise? I'm not talking upper body walk here, Ladies, I'm talking let's firm those thighs, work those glutes and hamstrings. I saw these the other day and had to buy them. In fact as a gag gift, I also bought them for the big hairy teenagers who clean the floor. While this may not do a serious clean, it's perfect for a fun rush-job and if you do it every day for 15 minutes, think of the fat that you'll burn in one month's time.

What am I talking about? Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, Pink. Put these on your feet, turn on some tunes and you'll actually enjoy cleaning the floor. While you're at it, get a manly pair for hubby: Jobar Plaid Dust Mop Slippers.

These mop slippers could take floor cleaning to a brand new level ... make it almost as fun as date night. Okay, maybe not. These are silly, but they actually work and they're kind of fun. Anything to make housework more enjoyable.

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Don't like dusting?

I'm not crazy about it either, especially since my husband is a collector of knick knacks. Couple this with the fact that we live in the high desert which means high winds and lots of dust. That's why I like these Clean Green High-Performance Microfiber Cleaning and Dusting Gloves - 1 Pair ... they make removing that layer of dust a little bit easier. When you're finished dusting, just toss them in the washer for next time.

microfiber dusting gloves

Help me build my list of cleaning products and tools for those who hate housecleaning. Please Like this list and share it on Pinterest. Also, if you have suggestions for items to add, please use the Contact Us link on the Navigation bar to contact me. I am always on the look for anything that makes my least favorite, most-needed job a little bit more enjoyable.

As always, I hope you find this information helpful.

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