I was married to such a victim

by Michael
(Portland Oregon)

My now ex wife was this little girl. We were married for 29 years. I knew for years she had this happen in her past. I kept asking her to get help. She angrily denied this...but...like a long playing movie it came to end. She was 47 and she became extremely promiscuous. The internet was a smorgasbord for her. she finally met someone far away and moved to set up a new life. In the process she destroyed several families not just mine but her lover's family as well.

Not a pretty picture. I never remarried and it took years to get over the heartbreak. She is now in her late fifties and still pretty much messed up. I hold no grudges toward her. The hard part for me now after 11 years on my own is that she is angry and blames me.

Go figure? I pray for her! I hope she gets delivered from the demons that seem to have attached themselves to her. What an awful awful thing that happens to these poor little girls.


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