i thought i knew what was in the package

My story started two years ago. I knew my wonderful hubby was a package deal but this is crazy sometimes. He has two older kids 24 and 21 and two younger 12 and 8, and i have a 25 year old and a 22 year old so he got a package deal too. But he also came with a mother who lives with us and is not flexible at all i could write about her for hours.

Anyway the two young ones live with us and are good kids. The twelve year old is adopted and i cant seem to connect with her. This is me not her. She tries very hard and is sweet and loving and i just dont trust her and all i think about is shes not my daughter.

My husband and i were raised the same and we raised our older kids in the same way. My husband has always worked and provided and they never did without. I was the same way. My 25 year old is in the military and has a plan for when he gets out. My daughter is married and lives in another state and getting ready to go to nursing school. They have their own lives and are doing well.

My husbands daughters both married men who are willing to just get by. The 21 year old and her husband dont work and just bounce from family to family with their baby and seem to be content letting others flip the bill (we are next on the list of family to stay with this scares me to death). My husband and i are on the same page always. He lets me vent and he vents too he cant figure out how his kids went one way and my kids went the other when they were raised with the same values.

My mother-in-law is very opinionated and has an expert opinion on everything. She does say i am a good cook though. I dont feel like i will ever have peace in my home while she is there and i wont have a good relationship with the two small kids either while she is there she undermines us all the time with the kids.

I sometimes work lots of overtime so i dont have to be home. The eight-year old is fine. We do pretty good but he had big sister and a grandma to do EVERYTHING for him. He was on his way to being a mamma's boy but i have handled that. Anyway that's my drama everyday.

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