i have a 25 year old son with no home to go?

I have a 25 year old son, who has a 2 year old daughter, she does not live with him but he sees her on regular basis - he has not worked in 9 months, does not have a car and now he has been kicked out of his fathers home-

He wants me to help him out- how do you help a person that doesnt help himself?

Living with me and my family is not an option because I do not allow his lifestyle in my home-

I guess i could get him a car a place to live and food to eat -then the following week start all over to make sure he has gas money, bill money and food money because he doesnt want to work- poor kid.

and i must not love him because i expect him to conform to society- I do however help out with his daughter- the other Grandma is doing most of that- since my sons 19 year old baby's mamma doesnt want to work either-

Oh and to top it off they wouldnt even make their wic appt. because they were too tired to go!

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