I feel like im failing at raising my girlfriends kids

by Michelle

I am a 35 year old lesbian who is dating a mother of 2 and we have our differences as far as how we were raised and the ways/ideas of raising children. We have been together for almost 4 months and i love her kids, do everything I can to help support them but I feel like no matter what I do its never good enough.

Their mother and I have our differences on how we would raise children and it has caused some conflicts at home, putting a strain on our relationship. I let her do all the disciplining because they are her kids and I still dont feel comfortable in doing that, but I let her know my opinions and always try to compromise.

She has one boy who is 13 and a rebellious 14 year old daughter who doesnt want to listen to anything we say or do. I love my girlfriend and her kids but I can feel this taking a very emotional toll on our relationship and one day it may cause me to leave.

I would love to take some kind of counseling or learn how to deal with step children but I am the only one working right now and all of our money go to our bills. I just feel lost and hopeless :(....I am open for any ideas, any suggestions on how to fix this. Please help and thank you for your time.

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Jun 28, 2011
Need Help Raising Teenagers
by: Laura Ramirez

If you need help raising teenagers and you are not on the same page with your partner regarding discipline, I recommend that you get and read this book on raising teenagers because it will help you understand what is needed to connect with and guide kids during adolescence, especially those who are struggling with anger issues, drug use, depression, etc.

Parenting coaching or counseling are the best courses of action, but if you can't afford it and are willing to do the work to change, good books can help. The trick, of course, is actually committing yourself to learning and changing behaviors.

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