I cant do it any more

by Over It
(Clinton Twp, MI)

I have been with my husband 6 years now, married 4. when we met he was in a relationship with 2 of this children's mother who was in prison for 3 years for a variety of reasons this was her longest stay but certainly not her first. 2 years after we me met we married. The Bio Mom and her mom was fine him having a girlfriend but when they found out he got married all HELL broke loose. The kids were 3 and 10, they were told by bio mom to poison me and they do not have to do anything I tell them to do. They didnt poison me (Thank God) but the 10 year old took to breaking me and my 3 kids things anything he could get his hands on and the 3 year old wouldn't listen to a thing I told him. We were made to get them every weekend every school break and all summer long. My husband would pick them up and drop them off like he didnt even know them. He went out on Friday night Saturday nights and stayed asleep on Sunday every thing fell on me.

I would tell him what got broke and what didnt get done when i asked and he never disciplined them at all. One fourth of July they spit on my son and kept spitting on him until he was crying, Dad was in the car and nothing was said but stop spitting. They (and I cant say which one) started urinating all over my bathrooms and in the bathroom garbage cans, Dad did nothing. It only stopped when i said They wouldn;t be allowed over any more if they continued to do that because i wont put my kids in jeopardy of getting ill because of them urinating every where.

I tried to speak to him, his mom, and bio mom's mom and everyone made excuses. I used to love them dearly now I honestly cant stand them. Bio mom got out for all of 30 days and went right back, during the time she was out she was disrespectful and urged them to be also. Fast forward to now they are 9 and 16. The 9 year old speaks to me in any tone he chooses and if I even tell him to tie his shoes so does not fall he balls his fist and acts as if I'm getting on his nerves, the 16yr old still breaks things and tells unbelievable stories as to how things got broke, and to top it off he peeked in my 16 year old daughters room while she was asleep and made her afraid of him and of what he might do.

I dont want him to sleep in the house any more because of that but my husband refuses to stop it, which we live around the corner from bio mom's mom. I have asked him not to leave them w/me any more that if he has to go out then he has them take them back home or get a sitter. I dont care enough to try anymore only the parents can fix this and neither of them will. She gets out of jail next month after a 2 years stay. I have advised my husband that she can keep her unruly lying disrespectful undisciplined kids with her and if he does not like it he can go with them to her house. I have sacrificed a lot to accomodate them w/little or no help from their parents. now its time to heal my children from all of the things we've been through w/them. I dont think i'm wrong. Do you? P.S there are so many other things done that i didn't even mention.

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Sep 23, 2012
give up
by: Anonymous

sounds to me like its time to move on from the whole situation. your husband has no respect for you just like the kids dont. get out NOW. good luck

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