I can really relate to this story

Wow...I just started a blog to write through the exact same feelings that you describe in your story. Your story outlines exactly how I am feeling right now and what I am struggling with. It is amazing that I never really even looked for stories like yours before this, but I am glad I found this because I was feeling weird about posting the entries for everyone to see. It was also a way to finally admit my very deep feelings to the universe and to try and work through it.

I don't think I was molested, but I don't recall huge chunks of my childhood (although my sister was). However, my mother was very unhealthy emotionally and did not want me and my father (who I lived with later in life) was a raging abusive alcoholic. I just now learned that I have PTSD from my therapist who is going to do regression therapy with me.

I feel for you because I know how hard it is to come to terms with all of this....it's emotionally overwhelming. I hope that you continue on your way and come to a place where you are at peace.

Thank you for posting this. It makes me realize I am not crazy after all!! It is a part of healing.

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