I am a man with custody of my two teens

by Ike
(Algonquin, IL)


I have joint but residential custody of my two teenagers: 16 boy and 15 girl. They both live with me and my second wife of 3 years. I also have a step daughter 18 from this marriage. They are all basically good kids but as all kids they screw up from time to time and what mostly frustrates us is the lying, disrespectfulness and ungreatfulness they have towards me and my wife.

This is not always done or said directly but when we tell them to do something and they decide they aren't going to listen or show no respect for anything we do for them and lie every chance they can instead of being honest, it is VERY frustrating.

We could really use some help with our situation and I know that since I have my kids every day it is that much harder. Any suggestion sfrom anyone?

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Mar 22, 2009
Dealing with Disrespectful Teenagers
by: Anonymous

I understand your situation. Since you're dealing with the different personalities and styles of three young adults, I recommend you take the time to learn some parenting skills that will work with all three of them. Most parents don't know how to set the limits without resorting to yelling, shaming or character assassination. Your kids need to learn that disrespect and lying will not be tolerated in your home, but you need to do this in a way that will not alienate them.

Teach your kids this now before they leave the nest and they will have better lives because they will have learned how to act with integrity and treat others with respect, even though they might disagree with them. Remember that emotional intelligence is one of the greatest predictors of success in life.

The tool I recommend is an at-home behavioral program that will teach you and your wife some simple steps for turning around the behavior of your teenagers, while encouraging them to reach their full potential.

The program is available on a trial basis and has been used successfully by over 150,000 parents.

I hope this helps.

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