Husband Picks on Teenage Daughter

Husband Picks on Teenage Daughter

We just went to pick her up from finishing her first year at university and within the first half hour of being home my husband had her crying, just the way he speaks to her. She doesn't feel like she can stay here for the summer. He demands instead of asks, he speaks to her sharply. He focuses on her faults instead of on her strengths.

She is a great teenager, and I just want him to treat her more like he is very stressful to even get them in the same room because they don't small talk at all, we should have done a house rules list when we first moved into together.

I am calling a family meeting tonight after supper to get things brought out into the open. We are trying to adopt right now and I'm afraid that when they see how my husband/daughter get along that we won't be able to adopt. What can we do?

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