Hurt G-ma

by Carol

My son and I have come to the realization that we can no longer allow my 19 yr old grandson to live here or have any more contact with him until he accepts he is the one with the problem and not us.

He has to come to the point of accepting that he has to shoulder the consequences of his actions and that using/selling drugs; stealing from family and others and stores is not acceptable behavior; calling the court and or probation officer is his responsibility; finding transportation to and from work or other appointments; picking up his clothing from wherever it drops; keeping his own room straightened up; and making his own food when it is not a communal meal is his responsibility. No one is going to do it for him because time we do for him, he manipulates, lies and uses us.

So since trying to live in this situation with him doesn't work and he is now homeless again, because every person who has taken him in has to come to the same conclusion and tells him to leave. He is working now, but doesn't pay anything because when he gets paid he is broke by Monday morning and there is no rent or gas or food or utility money for anyone who has spent their meager funds on him to try to help him better himself.

So what is our answer??? How do we deal with the hurt and betrayal? I would like to know. Any replies will be read and appreciated.

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