How to Wean Child from Breastfeeding

by Lizz

How to Wean a Child from Breastfeeding

My little boy is 20 months old now and is still breastfeeding. When he was just 8 weeks old, I tried to start mixing bottle with breast as this worked well for my older son.

Myself, my mum and my husband have tried all sorts of different bottles and he would not take any of them, even a syringe of breast milk was refused.

He is now 20 months, still wakes twice per night for a feed and is fed to sleep and when he wakes in the morning.

I really feel the time has come to wean him from the breast, but feel it is so hard to say no when he is so heartbroken.

Do I say no all the time or just at night time? Please, help. Someone must have some advice.

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