How to Stop Tantrums

by Jessie
(Camarillo, CA)

My 19 month old toddler has been getting in the habit of throwing himself (hard) on the ground and screaming and crying over the smallest things. Say for instance, when we brush his teeth. We brush his teeth several times a day...first I brush them for him (to make sure they are cleaned properly) then I let him have the brush to finish them up and practice.

He loves this! But, when it comes time to putting the tooth brush away, he loses it! He throws himself down, even to the point of injury, and he screams and cries, and all the distractions in the world don't help!

When we eventually calm him down, he's stays on his one track path and starts asking to brush his teeth again, and when the answer is "No" then on comes the tantrum again.

This is just an example... this episode happens when we don't let him outside, give him something he's not supposed to have (like a pair of scissors), or when he wants down from his high chair and we think he needs to eat a few more bites.

What do we do?! My husband and I are doing our best to just stay calm and wait for this to pass, but we fear each time how much he might hurt himself when throwing a tantrum.

It's also starting to put a strain on our marriage, as when our stress levels start going over the top, so does our aggravation with each other.

Please help, any advice you can offer on how to stop tantrums will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jessie

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