How to decide what race a biracel child is? (:

by Melinda
(Chas. S.C.)

Hello my name is Melinda. I live in S.C. I have several friend who have biracial children. My question is: how do you are your children decide what race they are? Not that is matters. I have just heard that it goes by the race of the mothers and then by the race of the father. I'll be waiting for your answer. Thank you and have a very blessed day. Melinda

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Nov 25, 2008
Biracial Children and Identity
by: Laura Ramirez

Yikes, Melinda, you need to read some of my articles. Biracial kids are not "this or that:" they are both. That's what bi-racial means: two races. The racial and cultural identities of BOTH parents should contribute to the identity of the child.

And race DOES matter. In particular, it matters to the child and it especially matters to people of color who have fought so hard to win equality in this country.

Please take some time and read some of the articles I have written on biracial children. (Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

I think many parents would take exception to the things you said in your post, which is why learning more about the subject is important. But then that is the purpose of this forum, so thank you for your willingness to put yourself out on a limb and ask the questions that many people fail to ask.

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