How to deal with Toilet Training set backs

My son is almost 4 1/2. He has been trained since he is 2 1/2. Over the past year, he is always just a little bit wet many a times and rarely asks to go. We always have to prompt him and ask him if he has to go. Recently he started to poop in his underwear. But just a little. Then he asks to go and does the rest on the potty. We have tried everything to stop this and I am at a loss for what to do. I know it is a power struggle with him, but I don't know how to stop this. He never has a full out accident, just a little pee or poop. It is driving me crazy. I have tried ignoring it, leaving him in his wet underwear, a reward system, and taking away his important possessions. Nothing seems to bother him and ignoring it doesn't help either.

He has a little brother, but he is almost 2 and I would have expected the set backs when he was younger, but the older one is used to having a sibling now, so I don't think that is affecting the situation.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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