How Can I help my 8 yr old Step daughter

by Mike Powell
(United Kingdom)


My stepdaughter is 8 and lives with her mum and I. We are expecting a baby in July and my step daughter sees her dad every other weekend as has always been the case.

2 weeks ago my step daughter suddenly started asking to live with her dad and is now telling her mum that she doesn't love her! Her dad has let her down time and time again in the past (before I met her mum).

It is so upsetting to see her so upset and how she is upsetting her mum. My bond with my step daughter has always been really strong and I feel as if she is pushing me away a bit. We have tried not to talk about the baby too much and until now, my step daughter has been really excited about things.

Her mum is really upset and we don't know where to turn next.

Has anyone got any advice?



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