Help with Grandchildren

by Deb
(Federal Way Wa)

My son was injured in Iraq in 2007, his wife had an affair and it has left him devastated. The wife has moved out and I have moved in to help him with his 2 children 4 and 5. I am heavily involved with my grand kids education. But the wife thinks I am over stepping my bounds. The wife doesn't see them except on the weekends and they come back acting awful, it takes me and my son 1 day to get them back on track. What to do? Please advise me.

Thank You

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Feb 20, 2011
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your input. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle with her. They are not Divorced yet. She is controlling and demanding, all she wants is money from my son. She said she is entitled to it. All so she undermines everything I do. My 5 year Granddaughter has some learning problems, and separation issues. Every time she gets the girls it takes my son and I a day and a half to get them back on track. It is very frustrating.
I have made a commitment to raise my grand kids.

Peace and Blessings

Feb 19, 2011
Grandmother Overstepping Her Bounds?
by: Laura Ramirez

Given that your son has been injured and is divorced from his wife, your grandchildren are fortunate to have you. They need a caring maternal figure who is an active and constant presence in their life. If their mother doesn't get this and is only willing to show up on the weekends, then your willingness to step in and provide what is needed should be valued and respected. Stand up for your grandchildren and your right to give them what they need. The mother is using you as a scapegoat probably because she feels guilty for failing to do what you do so willingly.

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