Help me

by Rebekah Quarles
(Tyler, TX USA)

My son, who just turned three in march is treating his new daddy horribly, I try to reassure my husband that for nearly three years it was just my son and i, and the aunt we lived with. Everything changed quickly for my son, and that soon he will except the change for the better, my husband then snaps at me and says I'm defending my son's behavior that is progressively getting worse, so what can we do?

My husband is the first father figure my son has ever had. I love them both dearly and I want us to be happy. And there are times when my son is so excited to see him and tells him he loves his daddy and so on, but then will say leave him alone or cry when my husband tickles him or holds his hand...but there are times he doesnt want me holding his hand or tickling him either. any suggestions?

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