Grief and Children

Grief and Children?

My 10-year old nephew has turned from a happy, polite, friendly child to a moody, confrontational, angry child. He is cursing at his mother on regular occasions, refusing to do anything she asks and calling her some very bad names. His mother is the primary caregiver, although she is not a single parent, but a stay at home mom.

Two years ago the child's grandmother whom he was very close to passed away. Since then, his grandfather has found another partner and none of the family is happy about it. He also went from being an only child for 7 years to getting a brother and now another baby on the way.

Basically, I think he could be missing his grandmother and having trouble dealing with the grandfather's new partner, although he doesn't see her very much. His grandfather is not around as much as he used to be for him or any of the rest of the family.

The family has had trouble dealing with the new partner and the fact that their father is rarely around now. I'm thinking the child must be feeling this too, and while the adults are having trouble dealing with it, they know how to express it, perhaps he is too young?

I was just wondering if that could be why he has changed so much. Is he grieving for his grandmother and confused by the new partner? And maybe he is upset that he doesn't see the grandfather as much?

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Apr 10, 2009
Mood Change in Young Boy
by: Anonymous

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety ... please take him to a doctor / pediatrician. He is in a lot of emotional pain and he doesn't know how to deal with it or who to trust with it. He doesn't need drugs or prescriptions, he needs someone to confide in.

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