Grandparenting a Biracial Grandchild

by Helen
(southeast Nebraska)

A biracial grandchild will be placed in my custody soon. How do I teach her about her race? Her father will be out of the picture. There are not many of his race around our area. Other family members are prejudiced towards the race. Some forget that they are not all white either. Thank you for any help.

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Feb 18, 2010
Grandmother of biracial child
by: Laura

I am grandmother to my sweet biracial little girl who is now 4 months. In response to your heartfelt question, I would point out that it is not the other family's race that makes them behave as they do, but the content of their character. You and your grandchildren have no control over this and it is never, never the fault of the child. It is hard, but I hope your grandchildren can rise above this.

Sep 06, 2009
Nana to 3 Biracial children
by: Anonymous

There was never a question or even a viable option about which grandparent would be involved with these children. My concern was and is that they have what they need - to know they are well cared for and can depend on their mother and I (maternal grandmom) to support them spiritually, emotionally and physically

It's been quite a ride here in Memphis, Tennessee. It's been made much harder by the sad state of the father's family, which displays every last type of behavior we don't want our children to have.

The other grandmother does not even know the third child's name. I wish I could say it's easy, but it's not.

My daughter works 55 hours and week and I work 40, and for now 100% of our resources go to the kids...this to stay in a decent neighborhood with a lovely, diverse school.

We speak of race in black and white because we have to-the local media certainly makes sure it's a daily topic. We tell the kids they are both, not one or the other, and that they will help shape the identity of a whole new class of people in the next generation.

We focus on the good character and wholesome motives of people as the criteria for choosing who to be close to; but honestly, reality bites really hard when we cannot point to anyone in the father's family as a role model. It's a point of pain, and we feel quite alone.

We cannot deny that the kids have been hurt and confused, not due to race, but lack of will to do what is decent and right.

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