Granddaughter Doesn't Want to Come Over Anymore

by Regina
(North Carolina)

My son has a daughter from a previous marriage, and she comes over to my house every other weekend. She has always enjoyed coming over to my house most of the time, but for the past several months she tells us she doesn't want to come.

My son now has a new wife and a 11-month old son too, and is expecting again. We try to show each grandchild the same amount of love and attention when they are both at our house. My granddaughter is seven, and even though she has had this same issue before, it was resolved very quickly, but not this time. It has been going on far longer than the other couple of times that her behavior changed toward us.

My son's ex wife has been the problem for the previous behavior problems, but we were able to talk to my granddaughter and then she was fine, but not this time. I have talked to her to try and find out what the problem is but she says nothing is wrong, but I can tell that there is. Please give me advice on what to do.
Thank you.

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