Foster Parenting - Benefits & Myths of Being a Foster Parent

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Foster parenting ...

... is a system in which an adult who has been certified by the state in which he or she lives provides care for a minor who has been removed from their parent's home for any number of reasons. This adult provides temporary care until the child can be placed with a relative or adopted.

Although you'll receive compensation from the state, there are many things to consider before taking a child into your home. Since foster kids may have been abused or raised by parents who were neglectful, abusive or indifferent, they may have behavioral problems and abandonment issues. In this article, we'll look at some of the myths and rewards of being a foster parent. Additionally, I'll give you a recommendation for an excellent resource that can help transform the behavior of a foster child, making for a happier, more peaceful home. At the end of the article, there is a forum where you can post your questions, concerns or suggestions for foster parents.

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  • It's an easy way to make extra money ... it's anything but. Please don't get into this if you're focused on the money. After all, we're talking about children's lives here—children who have been shuttled from one home to the next, many of whom have been victims of abuse, neglect or emotional violence. These kids may have emotional and psychological problems. They may have been traumatized in ways that are not apparent. Because many of them have had poor role models, they may lie and steal. They may be angry or violent. They may have little respect for authority.They may have developmental disorders.
  • It's not okay to have foster children if your own children still live at home. (Your children will most likely help make the transition easier for your foster child.)
  • Your extended family will be supportive of your decision to take in a foster child (many families are not).
  • All you have to do is provide for the child. (You will have to attend weekly meetings with professionals and do much more than provide for the child's physical needs, but this is where the rewards come in.)

For a program that will help foster kids permanently change their behavior, we highly recommend this program.


  • Providing for a child's physical, emotional and mental needs.
  • Connecting with a child who has lost their connection to others.
  • Helping a child learn to trust an adult and feel safe and relaxed in their home environment.
  • Offering a child a better life (maybe even saving that child's life).
  • Helping the child believe in himself and feel competent in his or her abilities.
  • Feeling like you're making a difference in someone's life.
  • Helping a child learn how to care for and help others.
  • Personal growth as you develop the strength, courage and skills to help transform a life.

    If you have questions about foster parenting, post them below and/or read posts submitted by other foster parents.

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