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Are problems with focus, ADHD outbursts, attention and hyperactivity making it difficult for your child to do well in school? Your child may be frustrated, angry and may act out mainly because he can't focus and learn the way the other students do.

My name is Dr. Robert Myers. As a child psychologist, I've worked with kids who have ADHD for more than two decades. As a parent, I've raised a son who had ADHD. My son, Greg, was diagnosed when he was ten years old. I understand how heartbreaking it can be to watch your child struggle with ADHD, focus, impulse and hyperactivity problems and get behind in school because the same thing happened to my son. Like you, I also know that kids with ADHD are bright, creative and very talented. And with the right training, coping skills and support, these kids can do well in school and in life.

That’s why I am happy to offer you a free 30–day trial of Total Focus—the program I’ve developed with Legacy Publishing Company, the people behind The Total Transformation® Program. In this program, I teach you the techniques I’ve used successfully in my practice-and in my family–to help improve attention, concentration and impulse control in children. Here’s a look:

  • Homework nightmares? In my program, you'll learn dozens of techniques to improve your child's focus and ability to complete work in class and at home.

  • The First-Time Club–How to get a child with ADHD to follow directions in school and at home,
    and do what he’s asked the first time.

  • Slow Down and Think–One–on–one lessons designed to help hyperactive children calm down
    and curb impulsive behavior.

  • Frustration Busters–Tools to help a child get rid of anger and negative attitudes to improve

  • 14 ways to stop tantrums and outbursts, even during stressful times at school and at home

I’ll give you and your child one-on-one lessons that are simple to learn, fast and fun. I encourage you to try Total Focus free for 30 days by visiting Or call us toll–free at 1-800-299-3145.
“In first grade, my daughter was having problems in school following the teacher, paying attention and sitting still. I was getting complaints from the teacher about these issues. She was diagnosed with mild ADD. That’s when I began to use Dr. Myers’ program, Total Focus. When her teacher used the program with her, it worked wonders. There was a big change in her behavior. I didn’t get the complaints from the teacher anymore. I also used it when she was in second grade. You could see a real difference in her report card. She went from having bad behavior to superior behavior.”

Sylvia G.
Long Beach, CA
Don’t let inattention and hyperactivity keep your child from the success he deserves. I consider my son’s success in life my greatest achievement. I’d like to help your child.

Best regards,

Dr. Robert Myers
*Results may vary.

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