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Fix Bad Behavior & Stop Back Talk - For Parents At Their Wit's End

If your child’s bad behavior has you worried, then you may be concerned that it’s too late or that there is nothing that you can do. At the same time, you’re hoping that there is a way to stop back talk and build respect in a child who seems to be disrespectful at every turn.

For instance, the simple act of asking your child to pick up after himself may be met with disrespect. This can be disheartening to any parent, especially when you know that you would do anything to help your child. It can also be frustrating and a little bit scary. What’s going to happen when your child starts showing this kind of bad behavior to others who do not love him as much as you? Deeply worried, but also aggravated, you may have tried several tactics without much success and wonder where to go from here.

A good at-home behavioral modification program can help you learn the techniques you need to turn this situation around. If you do not think that you can stop back talk and your child’s out of control behavior, then something serious isn’t working and you need to get outside help. This is no way means that you have failed as a parent. What it means is that you are not giving up on your child and that you will do everything in your power to help him.

An at-home program designed specifically to fix bad behavior will help you set the limits in a firm, but supportive way and give your child the tools he needs to learn how to control himself. Such a program will give you an education in the parenting skills necessary to transform the behavior of a kid or teen who is headed in the wrong direction. After all, you know as well as I do that a child who grows up to be an adult who treats his boss the way he treats his parents will not survive in the work world. So doing nothing and allowing the behavior to continue will only make things worse and will set up your child for an unhappy life.

fix bad behavior

When looking at behavioral programs, find out what principles they are based on. Some programs are more military based which can provide discipline and structure, but can also make a kid who isn’t used to having boundaries rebel. Still, this may be what you need if you are having major discipline problems. A boot camp or military school can help get your child some tools in a relatively short amount of time, but can be quite expensive and the problem is that it does not afford you the opportunity to learn new parenting skills.

The best at-home program to fix bad behavior that I’ve run across is one developed by a therapist who was once himself a troubled youth and teen. Since this man understands troubled kids from the inside out and is also a parent and behavioral therapist, he knows what works and has used these techniques to turn around countless kids in his practice, at schools and across the nation with his popular behavioral program, The Total Transformation.

Another possibility to fix back talk is to take your child to a therapist. This can help if the child bonds with the therapist and is willing to go. Problem is most kids who are defiant will refuse to go to therapy or will clam up, refusing to talk to the therapist about the issues. Since the therapist is an adult and since you are paying him, the child may view the counselor as the enemy. Since therapy can be expensive and have mixed results and since you are counting on someone else to fix bad behavior in your child, instead of rolling up your sleeves and learning how to do what is necessary, I don’t think that this is the best option, although for some, it may be an option at some point.

The reason I like the at-home behavioral program solution is that in addition to teaching you simple techniques to turn around your child’s behavior, it teaches your child that you are willing to fight for him and do what it takes to reach him. It also allows you to work together to resolve your issues, so that healing and deeper bonding can occur. Plus as you teach your child how to behave better and he starts to feel better about himself and his life, he will see you as his hero—as the person who cared enough to help him turn his life around.

Click on fix bad behavior to find out more about this program and learn how you can get a free trial or get your free 30-day trial now. (Note: although this program is available as a free trial, it is an important resource full of tips, strategies and great information, so you will want to keep it to refer back to again and again.)

Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting. The book uses a mix of native ideas and psychology to teach parents how to raise kids to develop their strengths and lead purposeful and fulfilling lives. It is a journey of self-discovery for both child and parent and different from every other parenting book you have read.

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