Father has racist friends

All the people my ex hangs out with say things like, "N... word this and n... word that." We have joint custody and it makes me uneasy my children are half black they are around these people. Do I have a right to be concerned and do u think I have grounds for full custody?

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Jul 13, 2011
Biracial Kids and the N Word
by: Laura Ramirez

Yes, you should be concerned that adults are using the "n" word around children, particularly children who are half black. The use of this word by caucasians is considered derogatory and is a racial slur.

As to whether or not, you should fight for full custody, this is an issue to take up with a psychologist and a lawyer.

The first step is to speak with the children's father and explain to him that when he allows this word to be used around his children, he is failing to protect them. Parents have an obligation to raise their children in an environment that supports a healthy sense of self.

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