Fantasy Book Has All the Right Elements for Pre Teen and Teenage Girls

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Children's Book Review for Pre Teen and Teenage Girls:

"Sky Bounce" by Deanna Miller

Book Review by Laura Pickford Ramirez

"Sky Bounce" is a coming-of-age, fantasy book that engages the reader from the start. Geared toward a female preteen/teenage audience, it’s the perfect novel to embark your daughter, niece or granddaughter on a reading adventure that will last the summer.

The main character in the book is Hesper, an Alula. Alulas are winged creatures who recognize that there are many planes of existence with differences in awareness between each plane. Although Alulas consider themselves evolved, they are forbidden to associate with other beings. Despite this, Hesper finds kinship in a secret friendship with Tristan the Boytaur, who like her, has a special talent that sets him apart from his kind. As in any friendship, together, Hesper and Tristan accomplish feats they couldn't alone.

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When Hesper and Tristan are caught spying on the members of the Alula Council, Hesper is banished to the earth plane as punishment. Her destiny now is to fulfill her duty as an Alula and live among the humans to balance the planes and save them from imminent destruction. Since Hesper realizes that traveling between the planes will destroy her memory and her friendship with Tristan, she flies to his cave to say farewell. Tristan refuses to accept that goodbye means forever and promises that he will search for Hesper, until he finds her and a way to restore her memory and bring her home.

Miller’s fantasy book is enlivened with action, spiritual undertones and the metaphors of growing up. The different planes represent the levels of awareness through which each of us must pass in order to stake our claim as mature adults. "Sky Bounce" is the story of one girl’s rite of passage and her struggle between conflicting values: duty and love, fear and courage, outside authority and the authority of the heart. In such a world, as in the real world, no action is without cost

Rating: Highly recommended.

Summary: Fantasy book with spiritual undertones.

Suggested Audience: preteen to teenage girls.

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