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How Teaching Family Values Gives Your Child an Inner Compass

Teaching family values ...

... creates a foundation which allows your children to make healthy choices on their own. The values you espouse become your child's moral guide and form the cornerstone of his conscience.

What sort of values do you teach? In my family, we talk about the importance of honesty, integrity, forgiveness, generosity, caring, conservation, respect for the earth and other forms of life. One of the ways we encourage expression of these values is through our family mission statement

family values

Although such values are expressions of a mature adult who has realized her responsibility to life and her place in it, children possess the growing integrity to also operate from these values.

Even though I use every opportunity to model or discuss important values, I am tickled when I witness my children making such life-affirming choices on their own.

Although making healthy choices is a function of development of consciousness, I see my children choosing generosity over selfishness, forgiveness over blame and integrity over dishonesty all the time.

Of course teaching family values requires that you become an exemplary role model. If you're not acting from the values you espouse, then your children will learn that hypocrisy is acceptable.

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