Family Vacations: Tips that Make Getting There Fun and Easy

Family vacations can be stressful, especially when traveling with young children. Whether you’re planning an airplane trip to spend Christmas at grandma’s house, a road trip to the Grand Canyon or a week long escape to Maui, planning ahead will make the journey as fun and effortless as possible.

Below are links to articles that offer tips for planning your trip, making airline reservations, creating backup plans in the event of flight delays, what to bring to keep the kids occupied during the flight or road trip and how to set your children's expectations for the rules of travel.

If you have a favorite travel destination that offers fun activities for children and adults, we will soon be publishing reader recommendations of fun family vacations, theme parks, weekend trips, historical tours, family adventures, etc. So save your notes and your photos because your favorite family trip could be archived on these pages.

Ever thought about traveling to Cabo? Our new site describes our yearly family vacation to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. It's the perfect spot for a family trip. Since we've been vacationing there for almost twenty years, we know our way around.

Click the links below to read our articles on how to make travel a fun and relaxing part of family vacations.

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