Family Health Insurance Plan: Finding an Affordable Family Health Plan That Works for You.

Finding a good family health insurance plan is crucial because there’s no security like peace of mind. Most parents can’t bear to see their children suffer. If one of your children were stricken ill or injured, this burden would be compounded by a stack of medical bills. Although we take comfort in the relative safety of living in America, accidents happen, especially in active families. That’s why getting a family health insurance plan that makes you feel safe should be a top priority on your list. It’s another aspect of your role as a parent, protector and provider.

Last year, two of my family members were injured within five days of each other. Fortunately, I had a family health insurance plan. My eight year old son was knocked unconscious by his martial arts instructor when the instructor goaded him into sparring after class. My son had to have a CAT-SCAN, EEG, MRI and was evaluated by a pediatric neurologist. Although this was a terrifying experience, it was comforting to know that we were insured and that our insurance would cover eighty percent of the cost. Since it was one less thing I needed to worry about, I could concentrate on helping my son cope with the aftermath of a brain injury and the struggle toward recovery.

Dealing with one unexpected injury was enough. Little did I know I would soon be presented with another. Four days after my son’s head injury, my husband (who is handicapped, but walks with braces and crutches) slipped on ice in the handicapped section of a parking lot and shattered his ankle. He had to have surgery with a plate and screws. It has been a long road to recovery--his ankle still causes him great pain and now he has to have a surgery to remove the plate and screws.

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If you don't have a family health insurance plan, it is more affordable than you might think. Remember, nothing is more valuable than peace of mind. Below is the link to the health insurance provider I recommend. They are a top-rated company and can provide for all your insurance needs.

Click here to get a free health insurance quote.

If you can’t afford a family health insurance plan, check to see if there is a state-sponsored plan offered in your area. These plans offer health insurance for kids who come from low income families. Read the eligibility requirements first. Before you decide anything--check it out--a family health insurance plan may be more affordable than you think.

If you don’t qualify for a state-sponsored health plan and if you’re uninsured, make it a top priority to purchase inexpensive family healthy insurance, even if all you can afford is catastrophic coverage. A catastrophic family health insurance plan covers serious injury or life-threatening illness and carries a big deductible, but it gives you the peace of mind that should a tragedy occur, you’ll be covered. Since the coverage is for catastrophic incidents only, the monthly premium is much lower than a regular family health insurance plan.

If you’re self-employed, then you need health insurance for small business because if you’re the sole provider for your family, your children, your business and your employees depend upon your continued health. Health insurance for small business is a perk that will help you to attract quality employees. The monthly costs for health insurance for small business and health insurance for families can vary greatly, so the time spent doing research is time well spent.

For instance, two years ago when the monthly premium for my family health insurance plan was raised to close to $450 per month for myself and my two children, I decided to shop around. (My insurance company was pulling out of Nevada and decided to get rid of customers by raising premiums sky high.) By doing my homework, I found another family health insurance plan with exactly the same coverage for $225 per month. By taking the time to do comparisons, I saved over $200 per month.

Many web sites that offer family health insurance plans make doing comparisons easy because they allow you to specify your monthly limit and then give you information that allows you to do a point-by-point comparison.

When shopping around for a family health insurance plan:

  • Determine your monthly budget.
  • Be sure to figure in the value of your peace of mind.
  • Consider deductibles and out-of-pocket expenditures.
  • Find out if the plan covers prescriptions.
  • Compare premiums with deductibles, coinsurance costs, out-of-pocket and lifetime limits.
  • Check to see if your favorite doctors are in the Physician's Directory.
  • If you determine that a plan doesn't meet your budget, consider a higher deductible. If you can't afford that then in the very least, buy a catastrophic health insurance plan.
When shopping for any family health insurance plan, remember that ultimately, what you are paying for is peace of mind. There's nothing more precious than your children.

For your peace of mind, here is my top recommendation:

Free Health Insurance Quote.

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