Family Bed - baby and toddler

by Jenean
(London UK)

Thank you Laura for your article about the family bed. I have been struggling with having my toddler in bed with us because of the million comments from family and friends who have strong opinions about having our son STILL in our bed with us.

There have been times that I feel I have failed as a parent not being able to get him into his cot. He has never liked his cot since he was weeks old and I have never like the whole 'crying to sleep' business that so many preach. Our is son is very happy, outgoing little soul and impresses many with his calm concentration whilst playing and his ability to comfort his little friends when they fall or need a cuddle.

I so glad to have come across your blog/website and so grateful to know there are others out there that share the belief of 'crying to sleep' is not the best solution for one's baby/toddler.

We will be getting a toddler bed soon and will eventually move him into his own room. Now that he's aware of his surroundings I think it will so good for him to know he has space of his own knowing his mum and dad are near by when he needs to be comforted, both physically and emotionally.

I will be posting about the trials and tribulations of moving him into his own bed but I now feel more confident in approaching this in the near future now I have discovered this website.

Thanks again!
Jenean, London UK

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