Explosive Child

by Genny
(West Covina)

If I had to describe my nine year old, I'd say he is an explosive child (I heard this term in a seminar on troubled kids that I went to). My son gets angry about everything...he has one speed and that is rage. I've seen 2 year old kids throw some pretty bad tantrums, but this is way worse. When he's like this, I can't talk to him or calm him down. He was recently kicked out of his elementary school and now I'm homeschooling him and he's driving me nuts. I love my child and don't know why he's behaving this way or what to do about it. Can somebody please help?

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Dec 28, 2008
explosive child
by: Laura Ramirez

You are wise to recognize the features of an explosive child and ask for help. Obviously, your son's behavior is escalating and now that you're homeschooling him, you realize that something must be done. I could probably come up with some ideas about what might have led to your child's changes in behavior, but you haven't provided me with enough information. At this point, rather than focusing on WHY, focus on WHAT you can do to help your son.

There is an excellent behavioral program that you can use at home to help an explosive child learn how to manage and release his anger. The program will teach you step-by-step how to help your child, so he can overcome his anger and be happy again.

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