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An educational kid game makes learning fun. When it's a game that everyone enjoys, then learning becomes a family-based activity. This is a smart way to spend family time together—rather than allowing your child to spend his free time playing mindless video games, engage him with an educational child game from our recommended list below.

If you remain unconvinced about the value of an educational kid game, think back to when you were a child. In my family of origin, some of my happiest hours were spent playing games with my family. By playing educational child games, I learned about art, culture and history and I was open to the lessons because they were learned in a relaxed, fun-loving environment. Now as a mature adult, I'm passing this wisdom on by engaging my children's passions with fun, yet educational kid games.

Family Matters Educational Kid Game List:

Cash Flow for Kids

Cash Flow is the best kid game for teaching children how money works. This is an invaluable skill that will translate into a lifetime of financial stability and success.

Read more about the creator of this educational kid game, Robert Kiyosaki:

When Robert Kiyosaki was a child, he had two role models: a rich dad and a poor dad. Robert saw the differences between his two dads and over time, realized why his poor dad stayed poor, while his rich dad grew richer. From this, Robert saw that the very rich teach their children financial skills that the middle class and poor do not. Robert offers a variety of products (books, software, board games and audio programs) that will teach your kids (and you!) how to make money work for you, rather than being a slave to money. What a beautiful lifetime gift to give your child or grandchild!

educational kid game

Increase your family's financial awareness by playing Robert's Educational Kid Game: CASHFLOW® for Kids. Through play, your children will learn how to think about money in ways that teach them financial skills which will translate into financial security and success in the real world. Kids will also learn about finance and accounting in a way that makes learning fun. If your parents didn't teach you how money works, this is your chance to learn along with your kids. Although the game is a bit expensive, it is an investment in your children's future. (For all you grandparents out there, this is a thoughtful gift to give your children and grandchildren.)

Don't raise your children to be part of the rat race. Give them the financial skills that wealthy parents teach their children with this educational child game.

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