All About Early Child Development

Early Child Development

From the very beginning of her life to the very end your child will move through certain stages of development. Even in old age she will pass steadily along the paths that human lives have already traveled.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all on a chart so you could prepare? At least the stages of early child development? Then new parents could just look and see what was coming and where life would take parent and child together. A good, simple chart showing the stages of early child development in ways that make the process easy for parents to understand.

You can get a chart, and books to go with the charts. For decades, good pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists and even more experts have been working to understand the blossoming of the human mind, and superb science and health writers are finding ways to convey these facts and put them into clear perspective. No parent should have to struggle through without such helpful, supportive tools. early child development Most good books on child development offer such clear visual aides. By setting the stages out in a visual format a child development chart allows you understand the duration of stages, their relation to other child stages, and the many stages waiting beyond. You can tell so much with a glance. From the early stages of trust building established by Erik Erikson to the later stages, when a child learns who he or she is, all the way into full adulthood and beyond, a chart lays out the arc of maturation. This arc reveals a life that has been fully and purposefully lived.

In the parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting, author Laura Ramirez lays out development from birth to death so thatparents can understand what their children need from them during each of the developmental stages. Better still, Ramirez doesn’t just talk about child development, butthe personal growth of the parent.

It’s essential for parents to understand developmental because then they can create reasonable expectations for child behavior and start to see which behaviors are normal and where they need to provide guidance. For instance, when a child is clinging, needy, and shy, would you like to be able to check a chart and understand the physical and emotional changes that are occurring? Would you like to be able to learn the practical elements of Piaget’s neurological studies? Not the biochemistry or the details of nerves and brain cells, but the simple facts of nerve and brain development that affect your child’s growth and development at every stage of life? Whether dealing with tantrums or social tragedies a solid, sound parenting resource with a clear child development chart can clarify so much.

As a parent there is so much to learn, and even the small details are so important. We want the best for our children, and so we also want to be the very best parents we can be for them. By using good references, getting skilled and powerful teachers, and using the tools offered, from brilliant writing to clear child development charts, you improve your own performance.

Don’t ignore the many supports offered to you: this period of time has allowed experts to accumulate some of the most profound and helpful information ever discovered, and added it to the deep wisdom of generations before.

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