Disturbing comments

by Ann

My 4-year old son is extremely bright and very loving. He has always been very active, and has had some fairly "normal" behavioral problems but nothing too serious. In fact, in the last year at his preschool he has really grown up and improved behaviorally.

But today, his teacher called me, and explained that on the playground when he was playing with some other children he said "I'm gonna kill you", and then when he sat down on the sidelines for his punishment he said to the teacher "I'm gonna kill you." Now this teacher said to me that she believes he doesn't understand what he is saying, but needless to say I'm very worried and upset. I know that children at this age hear things, and repeat them without really understanding what they mean...but should I be worried. What should I do beyond really talking to him about the meaning of those words, and how they should never be said?

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